Safian Communications is proud of its accomplishments over the past six years. The company has:
  •  Managed an on-going crisis relating to drug misuse for a major pharmaceutical company that involves strategic analysis and planning, coalition building, management of hostile media, and legislative response.

  • Conducted a successful campaign on behalf of a respiratory device manufacturer to fend off restrictive federal regulations.

  • Provided strategic counsel on the development and implementation of a major consumer osteoporosis education campaign for Merck, creating a mechanism to draw a broader population of women into the market via diagnostic testing.

  • Expanded the market for a leading calcium supplement by creating physician awareness of patients at risk for osteoporosis.

  • Created two annual reports for a cancer organization that became marketing tools for specific services.

  • Orchestrated communications surrounding the merger of three leading New Jersey hospitals into Atlantic Health System, defusing a potentially sensitive issue in the communities and working with managed care organizations to recognize the new entity.